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Make a booking **breakfast, lunch or dinner**

Booking Terms & Conditions

  1. Drinks Bookings, Tables of 8 and Above and Events CANNOT BE BOOKED ONLINE: For tables of 8 and above, drinks bookings and function enquiries, please contact the Reservation and Functions Manager directly on 8458 8980 or at
  2. Booking Online: In the instance that your booking is not accepted, it will be due to the fact that we have no availability left at this time, please try another time slot which is indicated as available. If your reservation request returns the response 'no tables allocated' then we have taken all our bookings for that service. We do leave limited space free for walk-ins, so feel free to come down and try your luck for a table if this is the case!
  3. 15 minutes: We only hold tables for 15 minutes, if you have booked at a certain time please ensure you are there at this time – we may not be able to hold your table any longer when busy.
  4. Special Requests
    1. Seating Requests: While The Treehouse takes into account and endeavours to adhere to all guest seating requests, we cannot guarantee these requests and appreciate our guests’ understanding in situations when these requests cannot be met. Please note when requesting seating that dinner is ONLY served in the restaurant and not the outdoor area.
    2. Other requests: If you have any other requests, please contact our Reservations Manager directly on 02 8458 8980 and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
  5. Booking Confirmation: You will be contacted via an auto text on the morning of your reservation to confirm your booking; any decreases or increases in numbers MUST be communicated via phone – 02 8458 8980. If your numbers have changed and we are not aware we are not able to guarantee we can accommodate your booking.
  6. Terms of payment:
    1. We accept all credit cards and EFTPOS with the exception of Diners Club cards
    2. We do not split bills or take split payments with multiple credit cards
    3. The Treehouse has an ATM on site for your convenience if you do wish to make split payments